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Name: Banots Urbano
Who: Son of Mr. Shuli (80's Celebrity)
"Son of a famous celebrity icon, Mr. Shuli, his family was living a wealthy life, but still done this business out of curiosity, well of course, he obviously can afford our basic packages, in 7 months doing this business he bought his own Mazda 3 Setuped"


Name: Thomas John Villanueva
Who: finished only 2nd year High School
"TJ was a PT, Proffesional Tambay, he spend 4 years playing counter strike, spending almost half of his life playing Cyber Games on computer shop's. Doing mostly every racket available, Extra extra in tapings, winning most provincial counterstrike tournaments etc. He was one of the first people who trusted the company and invested on it. 5 months doing the busines he bought his own car, MAZDA 3, and NOW Driving his own FORD EXPEDITION after 1 year!!"


Name: Michael Jordan Tiu
Who: Friend of TJ, 2nd year HS only
"MJ Tiu is a friend of TJ, also a 2nd year highscool, he was TJ's Teammate in their venture on being a proffesional cyber gamers. Done the business at the same time, in 2months time he bought a 2nd hand PAJERO and in 1 Year, also bought his FORD EXPEDITION."


Name: Kenichie Enda
Who: World Cyber Games (WCG) Player and a Call Center Agent.
"Ken was the Philippine's Representative of the game counterstrike, he was a member of TEAM HOA, (Horsemen of the Apocalypse) if you are an avid fan of the WCG, you probably will recognize him. Now using his TEAM PLAY capabilities, he was able to achieve being the TOP 2 earner in our company, yet humble for it, he bought his own Honda Civic in 11 months doing this business. 


Name: Mr. Michael Dela Cruz
Who: a former Ateneo Teacher
"Mr. Mike Dela Cruz was a former teacher of ATENEO, earning 20k a month before, done this business as a part time, in 9 months he bought his own LANCER EX, he is now earning 30-50k a "week", in doing this business." 


Name: Mr. Redentor Cruz (Red)
Who: a former MANEOUVERS dancer.
"Red is one of the first batch of the maneouvers, dancing as a back up for GARY V., was injured, and luckily found the company. So everytime our company has an event, all the previous maneuvers and the current one is performing for our company together with Joshua Zamora and his elder brother Jhon Cruz.


Name: Jhon Cruz
Who: also a former Maneuvers Dancer
"Also a former maneuvers dancer, bought his own honda civic, 8 month doing this business. They didnt quit dancing actually, despite their age a little going up.. They still enjoy their dancing from time to time, but at the same time doing this business. 


Name: Mr. Alan Marvin Eder (AM)
Who: Former MTB (Magandang Tanghali Bayan) Dancer and a ordinary waiter.
"Mr. AM is our top 1 earner of the company, he bought a fortuner on his 4th month on doing this business, after 1 year, he got the DODGE NITRO, as a CAR INCENTIVE from the company, this year he again HIT a CAMARO (Bumblebee Car) as the topmost incentive to our Company. Lucky Guy, you might say, but he achieved it all because of his pure devotion and passion to his career! The Filipino DREAM!


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