A Whiff of Opportunity

Fine Arts Graduate  in UST finds a practical and profitable side to her art.
Being in the College of Fine Arts and Design, having a Major in Advertising may be an odd background for a networker, but it served Peachy Capili to realize her ability to use her knowledge with art and advertising into the networking business. Looking for a practical application of all the designing skills she learned at school, she chose to get into the marketing side.

Peach, is our Team Leader in our Team MVP (Maximum Victory), a very good leader, strict but very patient in training her downlines, one thing i admire most with my TL aside from her being really cute, is she being a good listener, i believe that a good leader must not only be good in commanding her team but to listen to her teammates as well. What matters most in every job description is the bonding between your co-workers and co-teammates that you will be with everyday in the field of your work. Thats what i like most in this company. The Fun, and the excitement while earning.



Line of Work?

From a middle class family who has 2 siblings who also graduated from college. She had her elementary at a public school because of inadequate funds. Had her high school at UST as a scholar. 

Finished her college at the Royal and Pontifical Catholic University of the Philippines(UST), College of Fine Arts and Design Major in Advertising batch 2009.

Like everyone else, applied for a job in order to apply what she has learned. Fortunately she found The Filipino Dream instead. She tried it for a while since there wasn’t a good offer yet at the jobs. Until one day she was called to have a contract signing at Ortigas in an international company to be a 3D artist/animator and she declined it. It was one of her dream jobs when she was in college but she realized that it’s not practical to commit in a job that pays 13,000 pesos per month where as she knows a company where she could have a freedom and earn more than 10,000 a week. A few months after that she was once again offered to be an employee. This time she would be a graphic artist. And for the second time, she turned down the job.

She says, she have seen a brighter and better future at this company. Proven by what she sees at her classmates who preferred to be an employee. 10 months after doing the business she bought her own mazda 2 and earning a minimum of 30,000 per month, while her friends stay the same. Practically, she have selected the right judgment trying the business and experience what the top earners have experience. Now she is one of the top earners of the company as well. It doesn’t matter if MLM is not her line of work. What matters is that it gave her an opportunity to experience a better life than what she could imagine.