Our Products

In every Multi Level Marketing Company there are Products, and mostly they require you to sell them. Which in some companies, visually is impossible. Here in the Filipino Dream, you dont need to worry about Direct Selling. No need to explain over and over again what are the benefits of your miracle juice, or your why on earth you should mix a napkin to your drink. Or explain how better is your product than the others. That not a good strategy to market products.

Our Products generally Speaks for itself, why? Because our Product is Affordable Business. Just upload a picture on your normal facebook account, and Tag them on your friends and see the RESULTS right away. Makes sense right? 

On Comparison, which is much better and much easier to market? A business or a Never heard Product? If you are in a Multi Level Marketing 

Food Carts

Our Primary Product is Food Cart Franchising. So when you join our company, you automatically get the title of a Franchise Consultant. Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. has been the No.1 Company in Food Cart Franchising, awarded as the most outstanding business opportunity in the Philippines. Totally a "Business for every Juan". Despite of its Affordability, its Quality can compete on the most expensive franchise available in the market. Our carts are quality made, semi-stainless structure that can withstand any weather. You can also litererally compare the quality of our products, Our Siomai for example, 7 out of 10 people testified that our siomai is better than Siomai House's and Master's Siomai. Imagine that, Siomai House will cost you around 300,000 Php, knowing that our 21,888 Cart is much better than tasting than theirs. Yet you see a Siomai House everywhere. Thats the power of Quality. 

Thats the Power of our PRODUCT!

Health and Wellness

Hold It. Doesnt mean you see another health and wellness product page it means "Direct Selling" Again and again, here in The Filipino Dream, YOU are not required to sell anything, although we have these products available. We dont have a QUOTA. Our top earners had earned hundred thousands here without even selling a single health and wellness product. Instead they enjoy these products as Freebies, Incentives and for Personal Use.  

Other Companie's "MAIN PRODUCT" is just a minor product to us, and guess what? your not even required to sell it. 

Astig Kape

Jojo A's All the way famous Astig Kape is now available in the market and only at our company. We are the only distributor available for Astig Kape nationwide. Enjoy all the benefits that everyone is talking about astig kape. 

Good Healthy Coffee!!
Mas masarap ang kapeng mainit na pampainit. ;) 

Load Central

Have you heard about a MLM Company about eLoading Bizz? Probably yes. And yet they are selling it. 

AGAIN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. What other company's main product is just a FREEBIES with us.
YES your seeing it right. FREEBIES!! Be one of us and you get a Load Central Dealership Business For FREE!!

Its getting better and better. And your not even on the EARNING PART yet. :)