If you become a member, you will have an online account and you will see all your progress online.
Each Package has corresponding Points.

When you join the company. You will be given a Unique Member ID, which you will be using in your online account. You will be devided into two Groups, Group A and Group B. Take a look at the Diagram Below, You're the BLUE Head Icon. Then you have referred somoene who availed the BUSINESS PACKAGE, you now get 1,000 Direct Referral and 6 points, on the other side you have referred a SINGLE CART PACKAGE, you also get 2,500 Php Direct Referral Commission on it, plus another 6 points. For every match point you get from Group A and B it cost 250 Php each. So 6x250 = 1,500 Php.


On the diagram BELOW. You can see that your downline has referred two new people who availed the business pack, and on your B Side, the one who franchised has printed a tarpaulin, and has referred two people who availed 1 single cart and one 2in1 franchise package. Your downline earned the corresponding direct referral commission and its match bonuses.

What you had. Was points, all points made by people on your left or right will also be your points. So you gained 12 Match points. 12x250 = 3,000.

Take not that it wasnt you who made the referral but you earned 3,000 Php doing nothing.


On this diagram below, when your network has grown big, and you get for example 100pts to the left, and 80 pts to the right. 80 Points will match and the remaining 20 points will not be wasted. It will just wait for its match point in the future.
Cut off of Encoding is on Monday 12am. All Encoded with that week will already be on your PAYOUT on friday.
*Payouts are every FRIDAYS (BDO Cheque)*


Contact Information:

Franchise Consultant:
Jeffrey Perez
0923-1243580 (Sun)
0917-3929287 (Globe)
932-6471 (Landline)

Office Hours - Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
Location: Greenhills, Metro Manila