Being in the JOB is very EASY. You just need to bring people in the office. Let them Listen to the orientation. If they are interested. Then you get a downline.

Attend Trainings

First step is to attend Trainings. The best marketing strategy in every business is to attend a training. These trainings are mostly informations, and strategies, and Personal Developments. The training is not Compulsary but is advised for beginners.

Training Schedules are:
Monday - Ilead1 8-10pm
Wednesday - Ilead2 - 8-10pm
Friday - Ilead3 - 8-10pm 

Online Marketing (Facebook, Tagged, Friendster, Twitter etc)

Social Networking sites is one of the best way to market your products, Just upload your products, or offers. Tag them to your friends. And then wait for results.

Other Marketing Strategies

Since this is a public website, it wont be good for us to expose our strategies here. So we have like hundreds more of marketing strategies that we will teach you when you JOIN the company.

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