Joining Procedures:

1. Check on the Contact Information Below and follow the procedures on how to apply.
(Text in your Name, Age, Location and your Free day to 0923-1243580)

2. Attend a Business Orientation Meeting (BOM) at our Office in Greenhills for the Formal Introduction of our company. (40min-1hour Orientation)

3. Choose Among all the packages Available, to be part of the company. (Click One)
     a. Entry Package
     b. Business Package
     c. Ultimate Package
     d. Franchise Package

4. Payment of the desired Package. (Cash, Credit Card or Bank Cheques)

5. Claiming the Package.

6. Start EARNING!!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do i have to purchase Products(Health and Wellness) to be a member? - NO
Do i need to sell products? - NO (Not required)
Do i need to be in the office everday? - NO
Is there an age requirement? - YES (Strictly 18 years old and above, 18-21 yrs old should present a copy of their birth certificate)
Is this LEGAL? - YES (Absolutely, we have permits from DTI, SEC etc. and your salary will be inclusive of 10% Tax)
Do you have an Office? - YES
Is there a contract? - YES
How to i get paid? - Payouts is every FRIDAY, in the form of BDO Cheque.
Do i need to have a Paypal account or anything? - NO (PAYOUTS are depositable to any account, and can be encashed to BDO)
Do i need to renew my membership at any time? - ABSOLUTELY NO! Membership is LIFETIME 
If i dont go to the office for one month, will my membership or payouts expire? - NO!
Is my account transferable? - YES
Can my relatives claim my payouts in case im not around - YES
Are there hidden charges? - NONE


If in anytime you are interested, or convinced. Please text me on the number on the right > With your Full Name, Age, Location, Preffered Day of Orientation and your PURPOSE.
Ex. Juan Cruz, 24, Fairview, Fri 5-7pm, Franchise or JOB. 

Expect a reply withing 24hours (Usually in 5min).

Schedules of Orientations are:
Mon- Thurs / 2-4pm , 4-6pm and 6-8pm
Fri-Sat / 5-7pm, and 7-9pm
(Orientations conducted by proffesional speakers)

Our office is open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm if you wanna go directly to pay, i can orient you thru table talk. And be part of the company right away!
For Franchisees, if you are within METRO MANILA, we can set the appointment in the office or elsewhere near you. So we can talk about it on your convinience.  

Contact Information:

Franchise Consultant:
Jeffrey Perez
0923-1243580 (Sun)
0917-3929287 (Globe)
932-6471 (Landline)

Office Hours - Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
Location: Greenhills, Metro Manila